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Website Vulnerability Assessment Program

“Your First Level of Defense Against Website Vulnerabilities” 

Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Programs Are Available


Is your Website Secure and Compliant?

How do you know?


Healthcare organizations are tasked with a tremendous responsibility of protecting patient data and access to their records. Not to mention ensuring that your website is HIPPA compliant.

Your website is typically the weakest link to the data itself and most don’t realize it.

We can help you with peace of mind with a simple annual audit of your website that will provide you a comprehensive report outlining the issues and recommended fixes for your web development team to ensure that you are doing everything to protect the data and maintain compliance.

We provide a deep dive review for one low price.


A Firewall Is Not Enough

Firewalls, SSL and hardened networks are futile against web application hacking. Web attacks are carried out over HTTP and HTTPS – the same protocols that are used to deliver content to legitimate users.

Web applications are often tailor-made and tested less than off-the-shelf software. The repercussions of a Web attack are often worse than those of traditional network-based attacks.

  1. Is your Software Up to Date?
  2. Applications & Plugins Updated?
  3. Use strong Passwords?
  4. SSL Certificate Up to Date?
  5. Using Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)?
  6. Keeping a Website Backup?
  7. Performing Regular Security Scans?
  8. Keeping Google or Microsoft Settings Up to Date?
  9. Are you HIPAA compliant?

Issue & Solution


We often put website design, SEO and content before security.

But an attack can put a full stop on your entire operation, or worse.

Make your website security the #1 priority for your business today.



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