Website Metrics – Top 5 Affecting Your Healthcare Brand!

By Steven Krohn · November 8, 2019

Your website is the front door to your healthcare organization. It’s the first impression people have of your business.

It also happens to be one of the most powerful tools in generating new patients.

Ensuring the Website is performing effectively and securely is an essential part of your marketing operations. But where to start?

Websites perform countless functions, resulting in numerous individual metrics and data points to review. Looking at all of them would be extremely time-consuming and not necessarily helpful.

The following are  the top 5 website metrics that highlight success when assessing the performance of your healthcare organization’s website.

1. Unique Visitors

Obviously your website needs visitors. If nobody is looking at your website, no one will be aware of your organization. More unique visitors means more opportunities for conversions, sales and loyal patients.

The “unique visitor” count to your website metrics is also a great baseline for your entire digital marketing strategy. How many people are visiting? Where are they visiting from? How many are converting? Do you have more visitors following a particular advertising campaign?

It’s important to distinguish unique visitors from visitors in general. Sometimes people will come back to your website many times.  Though important to know, it’s less useful than knowing how many distinct individuals are checking out your site.

2. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is a measure of the number of people who visit a single page of your site, and then leave.

A high bounce rate can indicate your site is poorly designed or optimized. A visitor might be put off  by the design that they left immediately. It is possible that people couldn’t find what they were looking for.  Maybe your website loaded very slowly.

It could also mean they’ve found exactly what they were looking for and moved on. Maybe they just wanted to find your contact information.

In ANY scenario, a high bounce rate isn’t good! Search engines prefer ranking websites where people linger — clicking on different pages, exploring your information and connecting with the content.

Ultimately, the goal is to have unique visitors learn about your product and service. Create a  unique approach where potential patients get a good feel for you before they pick up the phone to call your office.

3. Average Session Time

If visitors don’t bounce, you want to see how long they’re spending on your website on average.

The average session time is a great way to see how relevant and engaging your website metrics are to visitors.

Are they spending a long time reading through your web copy and blog posts?  You know you’re doing something right.

Your website is entertaining them, educating them and keeping their attention longer.

Blog posts and videos are excellent methods to keep people around longer. People are visual! Give your visitors insight into treatments and conditions; useful tips and information that will provide benefit to them.

4. Repeat Visitors

Unique visitors represent potentially the golden metric of website visitors.  Repeat visitors is a very important metric as well.

It’s all well and good to attract people to visit your website who are spending quality time on it — but it’s even better if they come back. Monitoring your repeat visitors and cross-checking it with the above website metrics can give you a clear picture of why people are returning to your site.

Do you attract repeat visitors who bounce? They’re probably just checking your contact details.

Do you get a lot of repeat visitors who hang around? Then they’re coming back for your insight and content. They are engaged with the material you’re producing for them.

When people come back and spend time on your site, Google will reward your website analytics with a higher ranking in search results. This in turn will make it easier to attract new visitors who become repeat visitors — and the cycle continues.

5. Conversion Rate

How many people visit your site, hang around on your site, and return to your site is great to know. At the end of the day, the most important metric is your conversion rate.

All of the other website metrics feed into conversion rate. You can’t convert anyone into buying anything without first visiting your website.

They’re not going to purchase anything or visit your healthcare organization if your website is poorly designed, unprofessional or just doesn’t function for your visitors. The more that people return to your website, the more likely they will eventually become new patients.

All of the metrics are important and inter-relate.  The most important analytic for your website metrics is does it produce leads and/or new patients.

Ultimately, the goal is that visitors are picking up the phone to book an appointment.

You should be attracting visitors who become loyal patients and appreciate your healthcare practice.


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Becky Tengwall

Thanks, Steve, for this article. Very informative!