How To Use Social Media to Drive Sales

By Steven Krohn · May 26, 2017

Social media engagement is one of the best tools that marketers and businesses are using to drive sales today. A majority of professional marketers use social media to connect with clients, increase sales, increase sales intelligence and more. Research shows that when social media sites are used appropriately, they drive sales higher.

How Can Social Media Drive Sales?

Clarify Social Media Strategy

You should have clear goals on what you want to achieve using social media. The primary goal of using social sites for business is attracting, collecting and cultivating contacts while you build relationships with potential clients. Spend quality time each day expanding your contact list to include people you want to know.

Once you connect with them, utilize your current network of people to solidify the relationship with your new contact. Try to only engage on social sites where the focus is on growing followers that coincide with your sales strategy. Use social networks to help you discover and connect with people who will turn into your best customers.

Understand Your Sales Funnel

In order to place leads into your sales funnel, you must first understand the sales process that supports it. You need to know which marketing channels are active in contributing leads to your sales funnel.

It’s important to be aware of the follow-up process while knowing what the conversion rates are and what the time frames are normally. When you take full advantage of social networks, you will reach more potential customers and far earlier in the sales process.

Optimize Your Conversions

As an online marketer, you should ensure that it is easy for potential customers to buy from your website or social account. Customers are not always motivated to search out how to buy from you, so you are less likely to convert them.

Let’s look at your social network sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, where you advertise your product. Does a person have to click on the info tab, and then figure out how to buy the product or the service? If that is the case, you are missing a fantastic opportunity to convert Facebook or Twitter visitors into buyers.

Instead, try to create a tab that allows your fans to convert from within the social site itself. The success of social media relies heavily on having strong content that can go viral on social networks.

Build Relationships

A good sales person will understand the importance of developing relationships first and foremost. That relationship will spark and fuel your sales leads because people tend to share a lot of information. Build your relationship on a solid foundation and always listen to them intently to understand what their needs or wants are.

You will be in a better position to engage in a meaningful and productive conversation. As you develop that relationship, you can slowly and gradually introduce your product and services. When you are seen as a resource, or problem solver, you are much more likely to make the sale.

Offer Coupons

Consider inviting your followers and customers to buy your product or service with a coupon code. Make sure the coupon code is only available to those who have liked your Facebook page or have followed you on Twitter. This will help you increase the number of potential buyers and attract more customers.

Promote Free Shipping

If you want to win over most online shoppers, offer them free shipping when they purchase your product. Offer free shipping to customers who click on the link to your Twitter or Facebook account. By doing so, you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of likes and followers you get.

The bigger the customer base, the more sales you will make. More leads equals more conversions equals more sales.

Increase Exposure To Your Social Sites

Remember to always place buttons on your website that link to your social sites. This is an opportunity to have more people click through to your social sites. Don’t forget to have the links, or buttons, to your social sites on your blog posts, newsletter, and your email signature. You will gain more followers and more people will become aware of your social network sales.

Always Respond To People

Anytime you get a comment from a client or customer, respond in a very timely manner. You should be more than willing to connect with people who want to connect with you. By responding quickly, you will engage and build a solid relationship with a potential customer.

Social media is an excellent marketing tool that can boost your sales when done with professionalism and respect.