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Krohn Media excels in media relations. From national magazines to newspapers to trade publications to high-level broadcast opportunities to special interest blogs we know how to convert ideas into meaningful editorial stories. We have worked hard to develop and maintain relationships with the media and it translates into consistent coverage for our clients

A news story written about your product or service has six times the readership and three times the credibility of an advertisement of the same size, according to Starch Research. Eighty-nine percent of Americans agree that reading about a company in the news is more influential and credible than reading a company’s advertisements.

Therefore, unpaid advertisements are more likely to gain consumer trust and loyalty, ultimately boosting brand credibility while increasing your company’s profits. In order to achieve this type of positive coverage, your company must maintain strong communications with news outlets.

We positively position our clients to generate the media coverage they need to build natural credibility, increase brand awareness and boost their reputation. In teaming up with media relations talent, your business will secure a well-connected, results-oriented PR partner that helps drive your organization to the top of your industry.

Below you will find our access to online sites, magazines and other organizations we send press releases and content on behalf of our clients. These are based on our current directory of connections/associates, company connections and our access directly to people .

  • Yahoo
  • Dow Jones News Service
  • Business Wire
  • The New York Times
  • CBC Canada
  • The Sun (Across Canada)
  • The Press Association
  • LA Times-Washington Post
  • The Press Association (UK)
  • USA Today
  • ABC
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • Washington Post
  • Fox
  • CNN Money
  • Bloomberg
  • Reddit tech/crypto user

As with everything, our list is every changing, and cannot guarantee access to all these platforms on every press release. It is based on the mood of the release along with what is going on in their platforms for exposure. We do however know the personal connections who can move it in the right direction.

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