We improve user engagement and experience by making your site faster and more performant.

The path between the visitor's browser's initial request to the web server, and the response from the web server back to the browser, creates plenty of opportunity for bottlenecks that cause slow page loads and sluggish responsiveness.  These performance hits hurt SEO and annoy users, costing you opportunities.

Performance issues can occur along the physical network path, or in the browser by software.  Even if your site is fast, you're still likely leaving a lot of performance gains on the table.

During our baseline audit, we'll analyze and measure your site's performance to locate the most common bottlenecks, such as broken links to resources and uncompressed images.  Solutions generated during the report will yield instant performance gains.

Beyond the baseline audit, we'll locate more complex issues like buggy JavaScript code, excessive DOM reflow, and caching misconfiguration at the edge or server-side.

Search engines care about page speed because they want to return links to higher quality websites for their users.  Higher rankings on search results pages yields more organic traffic.  This is a good reason to care about your website's performance.

We'll isolate and fix your website's problem areas causing responsive sluggishness, battery drain, and blocking on the wire.

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