Do You Need More Patients In Your Medical Practice?

By Steven Krohn · January 30, 2019


Get A Real Return-on-Investment

With Your Marketing…

And Bring In

New Patients Daily!

Haven’t got the time to focus on marketing or maybe you haven’t had much success via online means as of yet? 

Krohn Media has a solution that may interest you.

With our collective background of 31 years in the medical industry, Krohn Media specializes in driving customers, leads, and traffic to businesses within the healthcare industry, including vascular & heart consultants, cardiologists, practices, and other specialized niche fields that need more patients.  

Our main goal is making sure that new leads and customers are delivered to your practice daily.  We understand you need more patients in your practice.

Over the past 10 years, by being in the trenches for the businesses we have worked with, Krohn Media has developed a “secret sauce” that is now personalized to all of our clients and their business marketing plans. This “secret sauce” dramatically increases the number of new patients that are driven to your practice, who require your services.

Here are the some of things we can offer your Business:

Get real-time TRACKABLE R.O.I.:

We are a Lead Generation Agency that believes our customers need to see where their money is going to ensure a proper Return-On-Investment (R.O.I.). We do this by tracking many features that are important for the bigger picture. These trackable data points include phone calls received, site tracking, ad tracking, blog post tracking and much more. By doing this, it allows you and your business to know exactly where your money is being spent (as well as what works… and what needs tweaking).

Social Media Marketing That Works:

We can help you manage your social profiles and online presence to ensure you effectively engage with your audience and get the maximum value from social media. Krohn Media also works on campaign creation, as well as content creation, so you don’t have to. Our team is here to drive more leads to your business via your online social media world. Whether new or established accounts, we have you covered. Our preferred networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Blogging.

Now You Can Geo-Locate your Ideal Customer:

We will find your ideal customers by geo-locating YOUR demographic in any zip-code or location within the country, and then drive those same local customers predictably to your Business.

Trackable Geo-Located Phone Calls:

With this powerful feature, you can now track exactly where every single new client connected with you (whether from social media, blog, emailer, Facebook, etc). We also collect their name and how long they were on the call. Imagine what this one feature would do for your business return-on-investment?

Weekly Reports and Check-ins:

Without tracking, you can’t measure success. This is why each Monday, Krohn Media sends out a personalized report to our clients, detailing all the important updates and results from the past week. This allows your Company to see progress, and more importantly, see what is working. These reports include many factors, all based on the need of the client.

Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

After using our Onboarding document, our team will build your ads that fit the ideal demographic and geo-targeting of your clientele to ensure top results, and run the ads on the appropriate platforms. We also develop audiences that react best to your content. Ourcopywriters are amazing at creating ads that drive attention, and moreimportantly, click through to an action that is desired, such as a phone call for an appointment, or more details on a specialized treatment.

Retargeting People Who Viewed Your Content:

Ethically follow your potential new clients using retargeting campaigns that allow you to put your content and ads in front of people who have seen your content and are warmer prospects now (whether it was a blog, an ad, a website page, emailer and so much more!)

Email Marketing That Drives Even More Results:

Email marketing is not Dead! In fact, it’s still super-effective and often gets overlooked. With the team at Krohn Media, we can set up effective Email Marketing in order to keep in touch with your prospects and customers. Our email marketing services range from creating individual broadcasts to large email sequences that tell a story (in order to convert into a client). The end result is a solid R.O.I. because you need more patients.

Above is a list of select services offered by Krohn Media. We also offer various package levels to let your business get the most exposure.

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