ICOs and Cryptocurrency – Why Effective Marketing Is A Must

By Steven Krohn · December 11, 2017

ICOs and cryptocurrency opened new doors to entrepreneurs and business owners. Traditionally, you’d have to go into debt or sell shares of your company to raise funds. Due to ICOs, entrepreneurs can now raise funding more effectively and efficiently.

They can do so without carrying the burden of debt or dealing with the bureaucratic SEC. Cryptocurrency and ICOs are legitimately a revolution that’s here to stay. Just by conducting an ICO, there is no guarantee of success.

Today, the ICO and cryptocurrency markets are getting more competitive and simply more difficult to manage. Why? More entrepreneurs are converging on this new vehicle to raise capital.

In this article, we are going to explore the error of most novice entrepreneurs. It can be fatal to overlook how effective marketing will create and significantly increase a cryptocurrency’s value.

The Problem

For most hopeful entrepreneurs, the most important concept is the “big idea.” Yet, the biggest flaw for most is falling in love with this “big idea.”

The thinking is basically if their concept is exceptional, investors and funding will come flowing in. However, the reality is that a “big idea” is simply not enough to get the job done.

Ask people whether they have a big business idea. Most will answer that they do. Then ask yourself why most people don’t have a successful business.

Simply, they fail to pay enough attention and/or don’t focus on what’s important. The most important component of your project is effective marketing.

The Fix

If no one knows that you are having an ICO, no one is going to buy a thing. In a nutshell, there’s absolutely no demand. Make no mistake about it – demand is king in any market, especially in the cryptocurrency market. It’s that very demand that will increase the value of your ICO.

Marketing is the essential fundamental necessary to increase the value of your ICO or currency.

So far we have only discussed how crucial marketing is to increase the value of your ICO. We haven’t examined the exact reasons as to why that is the case. Let’s delve into that below.

How Does Marketing Increase Cryptocurrency Value?

Marketing offers a myriad of detail for increasing the value of your cryptocurrency. Let’s stick to the essential fundamentals though.

* Increase Visibility 

This is perhaps the biggest reason why you need to heavily invest in marketing. You need to get as much visibility as possible. That said, not all forms of marketing are created equally.

Some methods of marketing are outdated and can actually hurt the reputation of your company. This is exactly the reason that you should always invest in a first-class marketing company. They understand and implement the most effective marketing strategies that work best in each specific case.

When your marketing strategy is successful, you’ll see a dramatic spike in the interest level for your business. Thus, demand is driven up.

* Authority 

Effective marketing will significantly increase the authority of your business and cryptocurrency. These days, prospects are getting increasingly astute. Most are now aware that anyone can develop a website and make fantastic claims.

Thus, people look for authority. They are only interested in an entrepreneur that precisely knows his business and completely understands how to articulate it.

With dynamic marketing strategies, you will persuasively communicate that you are the preeminent expert in any specific field. These professionals are perceived as authority figures. People will inherently amass confidence in you and your project.

When you’ve earned trust, people will increasingly become champions for your company.   Consequently, more people will have increased faith in your business. Naturally, this will create more demand.

* Builds Trustworthiness 

Keep in mind that cryptocurrency is exempt from regulating bodies. Being less restrictive probably means that nobody will prevent scammers from entering the market. This is yet another reason why investors don’t want to invest in coins or tokens with little or no serious presence.

Think about it, scammers don’t want to put themselves in jeopardy. By definition, they are not going to be honest or conduct a proper marketing campaign. In their minds, they will evade consequences.

When you’re not actively and effectively marketing, you leave yourself susceptible  to being seen as questionable at best.

It’s a simple formula. People realize that scammers don’t embrace honest marketing. What if you don’t conduct a serious and professional marketing effort?. The answer is that people will assume that you are less than legitimate

When you put forth a powerful and creative marketing strategy, word will spread rapidly. This will lead others to recognize your integrity. That alone will significantly increase the demand level.

What we hope you took away from this article is that value is largely a perception. One can always argue that value is derived from calculating material cost plus labor hours.

In today’s world, people that invest in cryptocurrency will largely focus on the future value of your company. That means that the future value of your company is precisely what matters most to people.

The most valuable result of implementing an effective marketing strategy is that it dramatically maximizes the visibility of your company. The interest level, demand, and value will skyrocket.

Showcase your company as a master at marketing. Establish the perception that your future value will soar. It is that very perception that will increase demand and value.  When it comes to ICOs and cryptocurrency, effective marketing is a must.

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Very in-depth article. I have learned a lot from Steve regarding ICOs over the past year. Thanks and great stuff