“I think there will always be need of trusted voices in the investment community, but what the ICO markets are showing is that the world has incredible demand for future-looking projects!” – Adam Draper

ICO marketing strategy has gradually shifted over the years and now relies more on video presentations rather than lengthy whitepapers.  In 2017, over $5.6 billion dollars were raised in capital through ICOs.  More than 400 successful projects reached their targeted goal.

ICOs were first popularized by Ethereum in 2014 when the project was able to raise more than $11 million during its presale. Successful cryptocurrencies that launched later include Ripple, Stellar and Dash.

These coins were able to do very well by raising even more capital during the presale and ICO.

The one thing that is conistent among successful ICOs is that they all have a strong ICO marketing strategy. Most also relied on webinars and Q&A sessions.

The Importance Of A Webinar In ICO Marketing Strategy

One key component of running a successful ICO is to make use of webinars and live sessions.  Webinars add significant credibility to your project. They will give your token a face.  This immediately propels it to the front of a long queue with obscure, unknown tokens.

Webinars and live presentations should be a main focus of your ICO marketing strategy.  They should be used after you have created a website and social media presence.  Webinars allow you to directly present your promotional messaging to investors.

Use them frequently to inform people why they should invest in your project.  You will create a dialogue on the value that you firm is offering.

Face to face communication with investors will help build a lot of credibility.  A website and digital presence only goes so far. Investors are more likely to trust a project when they can see and directly communicate with the team behind it.

Webinars help humanize your ICO.  It gives the investors the perfect opportunity to ask questions directly.

Examples Of Webinars With Previous ICOs

Successful ICOs showed that investors were more open to invest in projects when the promoters answered questions openly during online communication.  ICOs without a known face, or live webinars, are often seen as shady.

If you research the presale promotion of Ethereum for instance, you would find many online videos from Vitalik Buterin.  The young cryptocurrency visionary can be seen passionately explaining and promoting his token in front of a crowded audience.

His method of presentation and delivery is quite similar to how Steve Jobs used to present new models of iPhones and Apple products.  He captured the full attention of a crowd that was full of expectations.

Vitalik also used live streaming to directly broadcast his webinars online on the company website and cryptocurrency forums. Ethereum was meant to be a global currency as conferences were shared live through web streaming videos.

Evan Duffield, the creator behind Dashcoin, used a brilliant ICO marketing strategy.  He promoted his token through webinars and podcasts for months before the ICO.

The Dash support team was very active in taking questions from potential investors not to mention the wider cryptocurrency community.

Another digital token that extensively relied on the power of video and webinars is Ripple.  The development team still holds live Q&A sessions and webinars to stay connected with their investors and supporters.

Continuing development of the platform and new business deals with global corporations are updated regularly by using video conferences and web presentations.

The Appeal Of Live Communication

The power of presenting an idea through video is undeniable.  A live video can capture the imagination of people in a way that words on a whitepaper simply cannot.

One big reasons that online seminars are popular for ICOs is that they are convenient for both the presenters and the attendees.

The token developers get a chance to explain their project in detail reaching a far bigger audience.  They don’t have  to worry about renting expensive venues or traveling around the world to reach their target investors.

Holding a live conference with a large group of supporters and investors is as simple as several mouse clicks.  All you need is a computer with internet access, a webcam, headset and a webinar hosting system.

The attendees don’t have to travel long distances to attend a webinar.  It removes the need to read through lengthy texts of crypto jargon that becomes confusing within a few pages.

A big advantage of webinars in ICO marketing is that they allow investors to directly communicate with the token developers. The developers should see webinars as a two way communication tool.  They should encourage supporters to inquire more about the project.

It’s important to remember that with webinars, more is not necessarily better.  That said, you want t maintain a level of consistency. Do not have a numerous of webinars in a week followed by a month of inactivity.

Most reputable projects aim for at least one webinar every two weeks or one per month.

Creating a long break would raise doubt and uncertainty about your project.

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