Healthcare Marketing Strategies – What To Do Next?

By Steven Krohn · February 24, 2019

Thanks to digital technologies, healthcare marketing strategies are rapidly changing. Unfortunately, when you are absorbed in the world of practicing healthcare, it’s tough to know what’s going on in the marketing world of healthcare.  Change is so rapid that strategies from less than ten years ago can now hurt your marketing efforts—while many other tried and true methods continue to bring success for many practices, hospitals, and organizations.

To help you navigate these ins and outs, we’ve put together a handy list of suggestions for you to try out.


Are You Just Starting Healthcare Marketing Strategies?

Certain healthcare marketing strategies take time to build out; this is true for all businesses, the healthcare industry is not exempt. Know upfront that building your brand and/or becoming known in the community is not going to be easy or fast. Reaching high search engine rankings organically is a long game — but you need patients now!

Here are some ways to get traffic flowing quickly:

  • Use a landing page for Direct Digital Marketing as you build out a full website.
  • Use paid targeted advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more to reach prospective patients.
  • Claim your business on local directories such as “Google My Business” and Yelp
  • Gather reviews from satisfied patients to establish your organization on various review sites.


Do You Already Have An Online Presence?

You can build up an online presence organically using various methods.  Two are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): getting your healthcare organization to rank at the top of Google’s results. This is done largely through your website’s content. You can never have enough content!
  • Social Media SEO: building a digital presence by posting on Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to name a few.

Organic results will only get you so far. Should your competition improve its rankings, you’re less likely to attract new patients solely through organic results. The way to stay on top, even with good organic results, include:

  • Paid Advertising – with the help of an experienced marketing pro.
  • Traditional Media – such as print, television and radio, etc.
  • Invest in Staff Training – to ensure your front desk is actually converting phone calls to patients.


If You’re Largely Physician Referred?

Some organizations rely heavily on physician referred, direct-to-consumer marketing practices. This might not be your best bet early on,  however it WILL become a powerful tool.  Physician referral building strategies include:

  • Find creative ways to stay “top-of-mind” with your referring physicians and prospects. Be creative in making it personal to them, make sure they know that they are not just another income source.
  • You NEED a Website, period! Even if you have inquiries outside of referrals, most will implicitly review your Website before scheduling an appointment.  Healthcare marketing strategies start with a Website!
  • Engage with a physician liaison to maintain relationships and build new referral sources.


Are You Targeting a Younger Audience?

The younger demographic today is obviously tech-savvy and comfortable using technology to increase convenience. Fortunately, the steps used to attract this audience will benefit everyone. Some measures to consider no matter what stage your business is at.

  • Build a Website that is marketing-smart, easy-to-use, clean and modern.
  • Make it EASY to schedule appointments online.
  • Ask for patient reviews on popular review site
  • Use paid Social Media Advertising.


Are You Targeting an Older Audience?

Technology is used to target the “younger” audience while it seems obvious that “traditional” healthcare markeing strategies are a better fit for an “older” audience. This is the case — but only to a certain extent. You’d be surprised at how effective most modern strategies are with patients of all ages.

  • Develop traditional media marketing strategies (TV, radio, etc.) using demographic research; don’t try to guess what people are watching or listening to.
  • Use paid Social Media Advertising by targeting the age range and communities you serve.
  • FOCUS on your patient experience. Everyone, young and old, is tired of being treated like cattle in healthcare organizations. Make the experience of visiting you as painless from initially scheduling an office visit through attending the appointment.


Do You Already Have Enough Patients?

You DON’T!  You might think so now but cashflow issues are the kiss of death for all businesses. Just because you have plenty of patients now doesn’t mean the flow will never end. Don’t stop marketing your healthcare organization no matter what:

  • Optimize your Website using SEO practices to rank at the top of Google, Bing, etc.
  • Find a review automation system to automatically request reviews from happy patients.
  • Train your staff to follow best practices to ensure that calls are converting and patient volume remains steady.

Careful consideration of your healthcare marketing strategies is a must.


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Becky Tengwall

I always enjoy your articles and get great tips. Very comprehensive info, Steve. Thanks!!