Drive new patients into your medical office

At Krohn Media, we specialize in generating traffic, leads and driving new patients into your medical office.

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Get in front of the patients you want with effective healthcare marketing

We have formulated a marketing method that dramatically increases your exposure and the number of new patients driven into your office.

Track your campaign's success with weekly reports

Every week we send a snapshot of your campaign’s progress, including:

Phone Call Tracking

Social Media Ads

Demographic Tracking

Google Analytics

Google Ads


Grow your medical office with our digital marketing solutions

Content Marketing

Create and share engaging content to attract and retain your audience

Social Media Marketing

Manage social profiles, effectively engage with audience

Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your prospects and customers

Phone Call Tracker

Capture name, location, minutes and contact point for each caller

Geo Location

Find local patients by zipcode


Build effective ads, geo-targeting ideal market

Real-Time ROI

Know exactly where your money is being spent

Weekly Reports

Receive weekly reports with updates and results of current campaigns

Retarget Viewers

Put your ads in front of warmer prospects who have previously seen your content

On average, our clients gain $3.1 million in annual revenue

Take the first step in growing your medical practice