Increase your conversions with Google Analytics

Our goal is to drive quality traffic to your website, so you can can covert more users into patients.

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Increase your online visibility & maximize your Google Analytics

Our proven system will:

Increase Site Traffic

Increase Organic Traffic

Decrease Bounce Rate

Increase Conversions


Top Google Analytic metrics used to meet your marketing goals

Unique Visitors

How many unique visitors reach your site

Overall Sessions

How long do people stay on your site once they’re there

Bounce Rate

Keep people on your website longer

Average Page Views Per Session

Gives insight into a user's level of engagement

Onsite Search Queries

Tracks whether people can easily find the content they need

Average Time on Page

Check how engaging your content is

Top Landing Pages

Allows you to monitor landing page campaigns in real time

Click Through Rate (CTR)

See which pages offer the most meaningful interaction


Measures visitors who turn into identified leads or consumers

On average, our clients gain $3.1 million in annual revenue

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