Content Marketing: How to Build an Audience

By Steven Krohn · August 4, 2017

Starting a business with big slogans is not enough when you really want to grow bigger. It is equally important that you put in the efforts necessary to maintain your brand’s high standards. For this, you need to have a bridge between you and your audience. What could that bridge be? Content Marketing is the key.

What is Content Marketing?

1. It is used to attract customers’ attention by providing them relevant information that leads to profitable action.

2. It is a link that brings the seller and the buyer closer.

3. It conveys the key information about the business to its users.

4. It requires a strategic and insightful approach.

5. Above all, it is more like an investment.

When carried out properly, content marketing will make your brand more powerful in the marketplace.

Determining Audience

First and foremost, developing your customers is to realize who they are and what they are looking for. You should decide what the chief messages are that you want to share with your audience. The message depends on the demands of the market and and/or the audience.

The target for specific content is determined on whether your intent is to increase sales, provide information, develop leads, etc. Be sure to pick the right people to write the content. Rather than keeping it in house, you might consider hiring tech bloggers or journalists to create content for you.


Marketing experts agree that in order to build your audience, storytelling is something to consider. Telling the story of your brand will ultimately help build the confidence level of your audience. They’ll be able to relate to you and find realism in your story that will build their belief in you.

In building your brand story, take the lead with your knowledge to enlighten your audience about the topic at had. It is never recommended to overtly sell in your brand story. You should speak to your audience so that they feel you totally understand what their wants and needs are.


It is extremely important to establish a good relationship with your audience. You should engage with your customers on a variety of digital platforms to increase your visibility. Blogs, microsites, content portals, e-books sharing are some examples to effectively communicate.

• Blogs/Microsites/Content Portals

Blogging is a very powerful medium used to interact with your audience. Keeping your blog updated will dramatically increase its efficacy and efficiency. Companies may consider creating a team of bloggers who can monitor and rapidly respond to the audience when appropriate. Microsites and content portals are some other mediums through which a useful brand awareness conversation can be generated.

• E-books

Marketing experts suggest that e-books can prove beneficial to a great extent. An e-book is lengthy content but it serves a great purpose. An e-book is used to further educate people and increase your level of authority for the brand.

• Video

Many people prefer watching a video rather than reading content. Videos do the job by delivering the product’s content in a very effective manner to your audience.

• Webinar

Companies present and communicate with their audience through the use of webinars in order to accept feedback and discuss their brand identity. Webinars not only build trust but also help build long-term relationships with customers.

Design and Execute your Content

When marketing content, whether a blog post, a video or an e-book, first impressions are crucially important. Therefore, your content sites and pages should be designed to be visually attractive and appealing to your readers. Content that is lengthy and without proper spacing, makes for a difficult read. On the other hand, text written in smaller paragraphs, bulleted points and headings appear more legible and less complicated.

The white part of the paper provides width and spacing, which is pleasing to the eye. Designing and executing your content is as important as writing it effectively.

The high quality of your brand remains unrecognized unless you market it well. Content marketing is a vehicle to earn respect and confidence by building a good relationship with your audience. Connecting with your audience, on different platforms, ensures continued and long lasting trust and loyalty with your audience and customers.