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Medical Practice Website – Top 10 Metrics To Track

Digital marketing has become crucial to most organizations, as it has become an ingrained part of the modern consumer experience. To help your organization reach your marketing goals, it is essential to understand how your medical practice website works....

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How To Use LinkedIn For Business Growth Research

Written By:  Susan Gilbert You can learn more about your business’s target market for free right inside your LinkedIn account. This social network is at the top when it comes to new connections, career search, and building sales. According...

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Do You Need More Patients In Your Medical Practice?

DISCOVER HOW To get predictable CLIENTS INTO YOUR PRACTICE Get A Real Return-on-Investment With Your Marketing... And Bring In New Patients Daily! Haven’t got the time to focus on marketing or maybe you haven’t had much success via online means as of yet?  Krohn...

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SEC Annual Report Focuses On ICO’s

The crypto markets have been shaky ever since the IRS and SEC announced that they were going to investigate the markets and introduce regulatory controls. The decision by the SEC in particular to treat new ICOs as securities shook confidence and reduced the number of...

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Stable Coins Are Necessary For A Strong Crypto Market

A stable coin is a token that is tied to the value of a relatively stable asset such as the U.S. dollar or gold. The token is traded globally and can be easily exchanged over its platform. The market supply and demand doesn’t fluctuate in value significantly....

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Why Are Millennials Investing In Cryptocurrency?

Despite the doom and gloom in the crypto investment markets, demand for digital currency remains high.  With transactions becoming easier and less expensive, a larger number of people will buy and utilize crypto coins for personal and business use.  In the spotlight...

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Blockchain Trends To Look For In 2019

Digital technology has rapidly advanced in a very short period of time. Since the creation of the World Wide Web, greater communication and cooperation globally led to rapid advancement in business methods and practices.  Blockchain trends have thus become apparent....

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Why Security Token Offerings (STOs) Will Replace ICOs

In June 2018, the SEC declared that most ICO projects were similar to securities and they will be subject to SEC regulations.  Enter Security Token Offerings (STOs). The crypto markets had a strong, even if a mixed reaction to the decision. Many investors and crypto...

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Crypto Advertising Ban- How To Benefit

Recently, major social media platforms have instituted a crypto advertising ban.  Facebook first banned ICOs and crypto coins from advertising in January.  Google soon followed with a ban in March. The resulting impact has been negative for cryptocurrency markets...

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