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Video Production Services

Delivering High-Quality Video Content At Reasonable Rates

We utilize the latest computer and video technology to create compelling videos that will capture your audience’s attention. Elevate your digital marketing efforts by leveraging the power of video.

Why choose us for your next video project?

We are a full-service video production company. We can handle projects of almost every scale and genre.  We work with a team of dedicated writers, producers, directors and cinematographers with the capacity to handle various aspects of video production from concept formulation to delivery. We treat all projects with utmost professionalism regardless of budget or scope.


Pre-production is a crucial phase of the production process. It demands careful planning and preparation. We never go for a video shoot before we have a clear plan and direction on the shooting schedule and precisely what footage we want to capture. It enables us never to miss crucial shots and content while shooting and to run the most cost-effective productions possible.


Whether we shoot on location or inside our studios, we are dedicated to providing the best value to your production. Although we aim at high-end production value, we use a lean operational video production methodology to save both time and money. You’re simply getting the highest value at reasonable rates.


With the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques from our crew, our post-production capabilities are rivaled by none. Quality editing makes the story fluid and compelling. Our video production services include motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation, voice-over, visual effects, music and sound design, color correcting and grading. We will ensure that the final video is both polished and stylish.


You can get the final video in just about any medium. We have the in-house ability to export it any file format and to package it in any medium you desire. We will even handle the delivery and distribution for you.


Videography Services

We are both a creative agency and video production company rolled into one. We can handle many video production projects spanning across different services. We provide the following types of videos.

Video promotion has proved to be a reliable method with a vast reach. Our brand videos will capture your brand’s consistent personality, help you define your identity and leave a lasting impression.


An explainer video will enable you to communicate with your clients about a product, service or process in a brief but efficient and compelling manner. These videos combine visual effects, lively animation and stunning graphics to bring your project to life.


Video content has become a great supplement to textbooks, traditional classroom lectures and learning management systems. We have the right talent and resources to help you create educational video content to fit your specific audience and curriculum.


If you’re looking for a visual sales tool to effectively demonstrate your product or service, we’ve got you covered. Our cost-effective product demos will help you get your message across in the most engaging way.


We can help you attract attention to your booth with our environmental motion graphics to promote both your products and brand at your next trade show.


An aerial footage of your corporate event, property or destination will offer a new and captivating perspective. We employ the latest drone videography technology for those smooth, crystal clear shots.


Video is the best medium to engage with your audience on the web and social media. Our dedicated production team will help you achieve your web and social media marketing goals.


Having a live instructor is good. But having a professional training video that complements the live instructor with motion graphics, animated charts and graphs and 3D models is better. We can create a training video to suit your particular needs.


Motion graphics combine both auditory and visual stimuli to evoke emotion among your audience. Our stunning videos will help you create a solid connection between your brand, message and audience.

A Professional Video Agency That Delivers

Are you looking for help with a single video project or an entire marketing strategy? Contact Krohn Media today for creative and technical solutions that will provide real, measurable results.