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How To Promote An ICO On Reddit

“I think there will always be need of trusted voices in the investment community, but what the ICO markets are showing is that the world has incredible demand for future-looking projects!” –  Adam Draper

These days ICOs are all the rage. Despite tougher regulations from the SEC and greater disclosure requirements, many business organizations continue to hold their own ICOs.

Most of them do it to launch their specific brand of crypto tokens that can be used and traded over the company’s blockchain platform.

Reports from the crypto world show that more than $4 billion has been raised through ICOs held in the first three months of 2018 alone. We believe that this is only the beginning of a trend as more and more businesses continue to raise their own digital tokens.

Digital Tokens Are Here To Stay

Blockchain based crypto tokens make life easier for everyone. These tokens can be traded over an openly accessible P2P network. The only thing you need to get a token is an internet connection and an e-wallet assigned to a specific IP address.

Holders of a token can trade it to anyone around the world in a matter of minutes. It is very secure and cannot be stolen as long as you follow basic guidelines on keeping your tokens secure.

The blockchain also makes it possible to keep a complete record of transactions that have ever taken place on a network.

It’s no surprise that the blockchain platform is considered the most complete and accurate record of digital transactions that we can create, given our current technology level.

Alt Coins and How To Promote An ICO on Reddit

Just as Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency created on the blockchain protocol, Reddit is undeniably the most popular messaging board on the planet.

Fashionably called the “front page of internet”, the Reddit website is used by hundreds of millions of users from around the world every day.

It thus becomes crucial to know how to promote an ICO on Reddit.

With a very active community of posters, it is the perfect messaging board to spread word about new ideas and businesses. The site is subdivided into more than a hundred thousand message boards called subreddits.

One of the most popular subreddits on the website is “altcoin discussions”.

It is a messaging boarding dedicated to cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. It is also the perfect place to announce new crypto coins through the announcement thread.

The announcement thread allows new ICOs to introduce their tokens to the world. A good announcement thread includes an easy to understand summary of the token, its purpose as well as the support network that is backing the coin.

Your token’s summary should also include details about the maximum coin limit and an introduction to the development team behind the idea.

If any of the developers have had any previous experience with cryptocurrencies, it should be noted and advertised.

This is an important factor as a new token with an experienced team of developers behind it is likely to do well in generating investor interest.  All of this becomes relevant to promote an ICO on Reddit.

Creating a Subreddit for Your Token

In order to have a successful sale it is very important to promote the token well in advance of the ICO.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to promote your ICO on Reddit is to create a messaging board based on your token.

The messaging board works as a company prospectus and allows the developers and backers to communicate all relevant news regarding the token to future investors.

An active messaging board with regular updates on coin development will help build investor confidence and support for the coin.

Some of the users may also spread the word around to other alt coin communities. Reddit uses a voting-based algorithm for advertising and topics with many upvotes tend to get displayed higher on search results for users.

All of this becomes crucial to promote an ICO on Reddit.

Engage with Your Reddit Audience

One way to attract potential investors to your token is to invite questions from your audience. Your token’s progress and development reports may keep your supporters on board.

However, what really turns fringe supporters into core believers is when they are actually engaged with your development team.

Encourage your supporters to find out more about your project by asking question about the token. Make sure that you answer these questions in a timely manner. This will show the supporters how serious you are about your project.

Take user feedback and suggestions about your token into consideration. The crypto community on Reddit is quite knowledgeable and many of them can offer great advice about how to improve your token.

Criticisms should be taken with a positive attitude. If people are going to invest their hard-earned money into your token, your business needs to show them what makes your project unique and better than others.

It is advised that you do so without getting angry about skepticism.

Keep all of this in mind when you promote an ICO on Reddit.

Buying Upvotes and Advertising

Reddit, much like any other social media platform, is a business. The company allows purchasing upvotes for your subreddit.

It also allows positive responses to be displayer higher than negative comments for your token. Some companies have also claimed that they buy moderators who can swing the position of negative and positive posts.

While we don’t advise going this route, the option is certainly available if you are really keen to promote an ICO on Reddit.

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  1. Becky Tengwall April 4, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    I never would have guessed that Reddit would be a great tool for ICO’s. Thanks Steve! As always this is an interesting article that I’ll be sharing.

    • Steven Krohn April 4, 2018 at 10:38 pm

      I’m glad it was helpful Becky. Reddit is good, is most important, Telegram is good, Discord is also a good channel to have for ICOs. There are all sorts of forums and groups to make your presence known. But Reddit and are two of the most important beyond question.

  2. Kevin Ronald April 8, 2018 at 8:19 am

    Never knew Reddit is the largest messaging platform in the world. Thanks for the info on the result that could be achieved via the use of Reddit. I would need to share the idea with some business partners. Thanks again.

  3. Whitney April 8, 2018 at 8:20 am

    Wow! I use Quora a lot but had little interest with the use of Reddit. I think it’s time to make the necessary change and get to work with the high-level partnership that can be gotten from the platform.

  4. George A. April 8, 2018 at 8:57 am

    Quite funny but true, the only thing needed to get a token is an e-wallet and an internet connection, just as you said. Very easy process made possible by the digital era we now experience.

  5. Kendall N. April 8, 2018 at 9:05 am

    Nice read! Cryptocurrency really does provide opportunities for wealth creation, makes it quite easy to amass a huge level of investment at the shortest possible time, which was not possible in the past.

  6. Lucas April 8, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Thanks Krohn for the valuable information. Several companies recently got involved in ICO projects, but despite their brilliant idea, such companies lack the ability to get the needed support as a result of the poor marketing strategy implemented.

  7. Devine April 8, 2018 at 10:51 am

    Hmmmm. Looks like I’m not that lucky on Reddit then. I always post some bitcoin and altcoin topics but I hardly get engagements. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

  8. Juliet Emmanuel April 8, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Yes! I totally agree! I use Reddit for my altcoin adverts and it’s been converting. I’ve had tons of users sign up through Reddit and I must say that it has been a successful year.

  9. Thomas Newton April 8, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Reddit is really the front page of the internet and the earlier people realize that and start leveraging on the exposure one can get there the better for their business.

  10. Seadals April 8, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    The good thing about Reddit users is that they are available interested in stuffs like this. So promoting your altcoin there would surely bring in new users/clients to your platform.

  11. Pamela April 8, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    I joined the site newly but someone was there to put me through and after creating some topics and buying upvotes, I’m really impressed with the quality of responses I get regarding the altcoin I’ve been promoting.

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