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Are You Planning to Conduct an ICO?



Token Sales and Initial Coin Offerings

Are you about to launch your ICO or token and looking for a full service provider to help you navigate the process from beginning to end?

Our token advisory team can guide you through the process from the initial concept to the token issue and token release.

Krohn Media ICO advisory puts together specialist FinTech Lawyers, technologists, corporate structuring specialists and tax advisors to provide its clients with a bespoke and complete service.


Achieving successful ICOs involve dealing with a myriad of technical and legal challenges – from selecting the correct jurisdiction, navigating its regulatory and tax environment, implementing the technical infrastructure and then successfully issuing the tokens at the sale close.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business considering a token sale, Krohn Media can help you achieve your goals.

What We Do

We partner with you and your team to guide you through the token sale process from start to finish.

By putting together experts in their respective fields we are able to quickly devise the optimal framework for your token issue thereby achieving fast access to the market.


Get In Touch

We’d love to talk more about your ideas and how we can help. We’re always open to new ideas and can map these against our comprehensive experience and knowledge to help you assess and address current and future risks.

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